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What can I say about Jeff? He's the last Jedi of personal training, showing you and your body how to use the good side of the Force. He's the real deal amid a Black Friday volley of hucksters, and the best value for your investment in training.

Jeff is going to challenge you physically, but where you are at and how to get where you want to be. Jeff is going to challenge your habits, but in a gentle and approachable way, not in a scary drill sergeant way. Jeff is *definitely* going to make you sweat, but in new and interesting ways that keep you engaged and, I suspect, keep him amused. Whether you are a scared newbie (like I was) or a serious athlete trying to hit a specific goal, Jeff can help you out.

I worked with Jeff for a year in San Francisco, before New York stole him away from us. I met PRs I never thought I'd see (heck, I never thought I'd use the acronym "PR"). I'll never be the same, and I appreciate his ability to motivate and teach concurrently. If you have any opportunity to work with Jeff, I would not pass it up for a second. His schedule is going to be full in a blink, and you are lucky to work with him!


It's a privilege having Jeff as my coach. Jeff is a fantastic motivator and his positivity is contagious. I have achieved better results from Jeff than I have from any other fitness coach I have had in the past. I lost a few pounds whilst gaining muscle without me even knowing it.

Jeff incorporates nutrition as well as fitness in our sessions. To be more specific, he has taught me to create habits that are now a part of my lifestyle and he demonstrates workouts so well and corrects my form so that I can take and do on my own at home.

For over 15 years I have always struggled to lose weight, eat right and get fit. I never was able to maintain it or lose weight without putting it all back on. Ever since meeting Jeff, we have created habits that are now moulded in my daily lifestyle from the minute I wake up. He has helped me balance my life in way that I haven't had to "diet" or exercise every single day just to get results. Instead, I see Jeff twice a week, stick to my habits, still enjoying life. I'm not constantly afraid to eat out, I don't feel as guilty every time I have chocolate, and I don't weigh myself every single morning anymore.

Jeff is a fitness and nutrition geek at heart, funny, and very fun to train with. He just makes exercise and conversations about food and nutrition so enjoyable. He is the kindest most genuine coach I have ever had. Thank you Jeff, you are the best!


I highly recommend Jeff Morton as a motivating, effective personal trainer. Gyms and training were new to me, and now my family and friends applaud my commitment to being at the gym with Jeff three times a week.

Jeff has thoughtfully tailored a routine for my needs and abilities. He changes it up to keep it fun and challenging. My training has increased my mobility, strength and confidence.

Jeff stays well-informed about nutrition and healthful eating, and offers great ideas to help me eat healthier and stick with it. I'm down a pants size!


Price or personality issues would have prevented me from buying coaching. I didn't want someone who was a douche -- especially if they were too expensive. I feel like Jeff and I vibed as friends right from the start.

When I was on my game, I saw so many results and got really strong. I loved how my body looked at the peak of our training! What I liked most about training was feeling like I was getting stronger every session. Celebrating wins - no matter how small. And feeling motivated to continue.

I noticed my mood was improved from training. I could perform other tasks (like cleaning or lifting a heavy thing) really easily. And I could run faster/longer.

Of course I’d recommend Jeff! Because he’s the anti-trainer trainer. He’s someone who isn't yelling in peoples' faces telling them to get it right (like so many people think trainers do); he’s more interested in fixing the root of the issue.


I am glad that I started having Jeff coach me. I have turned around my sleep habits, diet habits, and fitness habits.

My primary goal was to regularly exercise fitness to be healthy. My secondary goals were to lose significant weight and to eat healthier.

With Jeff's help, as of today (Tue October, 3) I am at the lowest weight I've been since June of this year. My weight was increasing pretty steadily, but my weight now is declining.

Jeff's regular check-ins have helped me. It helps a lot to regularly talk about myself and to learn gratitude, with your help, of my achievements, progress, and goals.

Jeff's continued, remarkable patience has helped me so much in not giving up on myself. If I didn't have Jeff's positivity and flexibility, I'd absolutely, definitively not had made the progress I've made so far.

I didn't imagine I could make such great progress. Thank you, honestly. Especially, thanks for staying professional and positive; I need it, and I haven't gotten this kind of support from anyone else before.

王姑娘 (Caroline)

Buying coaching with Jeff has enabled me to make sure my technique is correct and to keep a routine, as I can be quite lazy if I just train by myself. I feel comfortable and healthy after training. It makes me feel good. I haven't been ill for a really long time. I feel my butt has become bigger and stronger in particular. I'm aware of what I'm eating more and have a healthier diet.

So yes, of course I’d recommend Jeff! I think Jeff is a very good trainer. He is very professional and has helped me a lot. I can see great results from training with him. They are very obvious!


My goals when I started were to change my mindset - ultimately to get out of the cycle of being "healthy" for a few weeks then binge eating and "ruining" my progress.

My biggest challenge was snack eating! But I have really managed to curb the habit due to having the weekly goals to work towards. Also getting in to the free weights section for the first time was a big challenge, but once I got there it's been fine.

I no longer write off a whole chunk of time because I made a mistake and deviated off plan. I'm more forgiving of myself but also hold myself accountable so I have been much more successful on this program than simply counting calories.

It's been truly life changing and I have a much better relationship with both food and exercise

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