Online Total Fat Loss Coaching

Health has been something you've struggled with for a long time. As you’ve gotten older and work has become an increasingly more important part of your life, you’ve found weight comes on a lot easier than it used to.

Maybe …

  • Your muscles don’t feel as tight and your joints are feeling pretty creaky these days.
  • You’re finding your weight is steadily creeping up towards 200 lbs, a number you really don’t want to hit.
  • You’ve noticed the health of family members decreasing as they age.
  • Now, after thinking about it for months, (maybe years), you’re ready to change because you don’t want to spend the rest of your life riddled with doctor visits and medical bills.

But you’ve tried doing this before though. And nothing really stuck. You’ve tried lots of quick fixes and popular diets, but ended up gaining the weight back or not losing it in the first place.

I hear you, I understand.

None of those diets made sense because they weren’t designed for your exact circumstances, your job, your priorities, your obligations, and your personality.

I know it goes beyond wanting to see more muscular definition when you look in the mirror.

You want to feel better in general. You know if you live a healthier lifestyle your mood would be better. You’d be happier and more relaxed. You’d be more present, not just going through the motions everyday waiting for the weekend. You’re stressed, overworked, and tired.

Most importantly, you’re ready to do something about it.

But there’s a problem: you've never been a gym person or even a fitness person. That’s simply not how you’ve ever thought of yourself.

This is something you’ve wanted for a while but the thought of working out always just seemed kinda douchey, like everyone who worked out was super vain and self absorbed and just way too intense. You didn’t want to be like them so you avoided the gym, you didn’t want people to think *you* were a self absorbed ass hat.

Besides, you never felt confident or comfortable in the gym. Because why would you? You don’t know how the equipment works, and seeing people do crazy intense workouts just makes you think: “Uhh why would you do that?”

Nutrition was always hard to stick with because you tend to have an all or nothing mentality about it. You have these bursts of motivation where you try to change everything at once.

This goes great for a few weeks, but never long enough to see lasting changes. Eventually the motivation wears off. So things go back to normal until you feel motivated enough to give fat loss and health another try. Only for the cycle to repeat itself.

It’s super frustrating, demoralising, and honestly, normal.

I have good news though. You can improve your health and the way your body looks and feels (more sturdy, less achy and stiff) even if you’ve never had success in the past.

This package tackles the key aspects of fitness right at their core, but don’t worry, I don’t remember the last time I’ve put sit-ups in a client's program ;P

Get it?! eh?! Oh never mind, I’ll just be seeing myself out…

This program will make the gym feel accessible and working out will become something you actually crave and look forward to. Your nutrition will become so easy you’ll actually have to remind yourself how much progress you’ve made because it will seem so natural. It will feel like you could be working harder, yet every week the weight on the scale is lower and your clothes are fitting more loosely.

Changing your nutrition won't feel like all your past attempts, it won’t completely consume you or be a source of stress or anxiety. It will come naturally because we tailor your nutrition strategy to what’s going to work best for you. Rather than an “eat this, don’t eat that” approach, the weight will fly off the scale seemingly by accident, because it feels like you’re not trying nearly as hard as you’re used to.

You’re not obsessing over food all the time. You don’t feel shitty about yourself because you caved and ate some ice cream last night after dinner. You feel satisfied rather than deprived when you eat healthy. When you do choose to indulge, it’s on your terms.

Imagine not only stopping weight gain in its tracks but actually seeing the scale go down week after week and fitting into clothes you haven't worn in years. And the best part is, it will feel effortless at times, like it’s not even a big deal.

You’ll forget how hard this used to be. This is something I’m constantly having to remind my clients, of how far they’ve come, because the way we go about nutrition and habits feels completely different.

And that’s the point — that’s why it works. Eating healthy becomes something you want to do, not something you feel like you have to do.

Oh yeah, and you can still eat your favorite foods every week. You still get to go out with your friends. You don’t have to give up the parts of your life that are important to you. The opposite actually. You’ll feel better in your body so you’ll actually enjoy those things even more.

You won’t feel guilty eating an occasional slice of pizza or having an occasional beer. You won’t feel awkward and out of place at the gym, intimidated by the people unnecessarily grunting and slamming the weights.

You’ll enjoy the hell out of that pizza, and you’ll walk into the gym knowing exactly what exercises to do and how to do them with safe and effective form.

Your body will look more toned and athletic. Your joints won’t be creaky and you’ll be able to help your friends move that unwieldy couch without throwing out your back.

And when you go to the doctor they’ll finally stop telling you to lose weight. You’ll be at less risk for disease and you’ll find yourself more relaxed, resilient, and calm in situations that previously stressed you out and made you angry.


It sounds crazy, but this all comes from mastering the basics of strength training and nutrition. It’s nothing fancy or new, but it’s probably different than what you’ve tried before because it’s individualised for how you want to live.

Don’t want to cut carbs? No worries, you don’t have to.

Don’t want to spend all of your free time in the gym? No problem, we’ll come up with a realistic workout schedule that gets you amazing results.

Think protein shakes taste gross? No biggie.

Not ready for the gym yet? That’s cool. I’ll write you an awesome at-home workout program.

You don’t have to live like a fitness model to get amazing results, to drop body fat, improve your health, and look more strong and athletic.

Your concerns and goals will always be heard and you’ll never feel judged because what you have to say, what you need, is the cornerstone for your success.

Getting the basics down, staying focused and not getting distracted by shiny objects is what will completely change how your body looks and feels.

I won’t buillshit you because I want you to get real life results. My goal is to have you not need my help as soon as possible, which means being completely honest about what I know and don’t know. Ego has no place in the gym and it has no place in coaching.

This is how you get real results that stick. This is how you make serious changes to your life so you feel better in your body and don’t rack up thousands of dollars of debt in hospital bills.

Here’s what you get:

  • Customized workout programs specific to your goals, schedule, experience, personality, and injury history.
  • One 45 minute video chat per week to create your personalized fat loss strategy, hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and conquer anything that’s holding you back. This call is where we set you up for success for the week. Where we make sure no matter what happens, you keep losing weight and getting closer to your goals.
  • Daily text correspondence to empower you to stay motivated, mindful, and accountable to your workouts and your nutrition. It’s easy to forget when you’re doing something new. Coaching over text on a daily basis keeps you mindful and focused on your goals so you keep taking action — so you don’t remember your diet 3 Oreos away from an empty package. Not only that, this gives you the flexibility to get real, lasting fat loss no matter how erratic your schedule is.
  • Lifetime access to my extensive exercise video library containing over 100 exercises (and expanding), where you can see exactly how to perform the exercises in your workout.

Here’s how the nutrition part looks:

Each week we have a 45 minute video call where we’ll decide on a mini goal to work on that actively will move you towards your fat loss goals.

This could be something like:

“I will cook dinner every night this week when I get home from work”


“I will drink a glass of water when i wake up in the morning”


“I will go to the gym 2 times this week for 20 minutes on my lunch break”

Or literally anything you think will move you forward and is realistic.

Then we come up a with a plan.

We talk through any likely obstacles that could get in the way of these mini goals, and find solutions to work around them. We’ll come up with back up plans so that even if you can’t do plan A, you can do plan B or C to keep making progress no matter how crazy life gets.

The weekly calls will be the main source of this strategizing, while the daily text check-ins will help to keep you mindful and accountable of your eating habits so you dominate your mini goal for the week.

And don’t worry, I won’t be breathing down your neck, nagging you and shaming you to eat salads. Instead I give you support and gently guide you towards the decisions you’re trying to make. This is done without shame or judgement, because despite popular belief shame is a really terrible motivator.

Each week we build on the previous week’s mini goal. During your weekly call and messages, we work together to make sure you’re getting better and better each and every week until your progress snowballs.

We progressively build up your healthy habits to the point where the unhealthy behaviors get edged out without having to use willpower.

Next thing you know, your pants are fitting too loose and you need to move your belt down another few notches. The best part about it is, you’ve built a healthy lifestyle you actually enjoy so the habits stick. It’s not like when you stick to a diet for a month, lose 15 lbs, only to gain it back once you stop dieting. This time, those healthy behaviors stick with you for life. The weight stays off for good and you never have to go on a diet ever again.

Now, because this is the total fat loss package you don’t just get nutritional coaching but also exercise coaching to build strength, flexibility, and muscle tone.

Every month I write you a new workout program designed specifically for you. Your workout program caters to your needs, goals, and level. Not to mention adapted to what equipment you have available (whether you go to a gym, prefer working out at home, etc.) and schedule. You get every detail you need to know about your workouts (sets, reps, key points, star wars quotes, etc.). And if you have no idea what sets and reps means, no worries! You will soon enough.

You get lifetime access to my exercise library which contains in-depth videos showing you how to do every exercise in your workout. That way you know exactly how to perform your exercises for maximal benefit.

The clients who make the most progress film a set or 2 of their main exercises and send me the footage for feedback. However, this is optional. Not everyone feels comfortable setting up their phone camera in the gym and filming themselves, which I totally understand. This is the easiest way to make sure your form is on dialed in. However, I’ve had plenty of successful clients who opted out of this bit initially or entirely.

Should you choose to utilize this option, once a week I’ll text you 1-3 feedback points per exercise to focus on to improve. Because bombarding you with a million things your supposed to think about while sweaty and out of breath is good way to make exercise more difficult than it has to be.

So we keep it short and to the point so you feel confident with your form as soon as possible. It’s how I’ve gotten tons of people who had never lifted a single weight in their life to doing squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. like a champ, and I know it will work for you too.

Every week we reassess your form and you get better and better. Each week you notice you’re getting stronger, your joints feel better, you’re more flexible, and daily life is easier i.e., you can carry all of your groceries back in one trip and chase after your kid without getting out of breath.

Online coaching allows me to offer you a service I couldn’t in person. I can provide a more comprehensive service for you. I can help you get much better results, at a significantly lower price because technology is such a powerful tool.

You get effective workouts, quality coaching to ensure your form is on point, and daily accountability to keep you motivated to eat well and get all your workouts in.

You lose fat fast because your fitness isn’t dependent on your location, schedule, or gym policies. This makes it so much easier to give you exactly what you need to build a healthy relationship with your body, food, and exercise.

Oh yeah, and you don’t have to workout at some ungodly time because the time spot you want is taken by some jerk who’s not you.

You stop falling off the wagon and gaining weight every time things get busy. You start sticking to a plan. You start getting results that last for-ev-er.

Best part is, it ends up feeling way easier than it ever has before. It doesn’t feel like dieting or the way working out has felt in the past. The gym doesn’t feel daunting anymore, and eating for fat loss gets easier and easier.

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