Exercise coaching for people who don't like to exercise

You want to be as fit as you used to be in college and your early 20’s. You’re probably fed up with the way your body just keeps putting on weight no matter what you do.

You know you need to start working out. You want to get stronger and feel better in your body.

You want to learn how to exercise properly, but aren’t really sure what to do and the gym feels overwhelming, especially when it’s packed after work.

You’ve probably thought at some point: “What exercises should I do? How many reps? Gah, there’s too many large people grunting and checking themselves out in the mirror by the free weights. Should I just do cardio instead? At least then I feel like I know what I'm doing, and it doesn’t feel like everyone is staring at me...”.

Just the thought of walking into the gym triggers feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, and intimidation in your chest.

You’re worried you’ll do more harm than good and injure yourself.

Does this sound like you?

If yes, then it’s likely this resonates with you too...

Your work is completely unpredictable so it’s hard to get into a routine. You’d hire a trainer but you need a really flexible schedule, otherwise you’re going to end up missing workouts, wasting money and not getting the results you want.

You’re ready to make health a priority. Perhaps you’ve seen the health of your friends and family decline and it makes you really want to take better care of yourself.

But you’ve never identified with mainstream gym culture because it seems like everyone takes themselves way too seriously. So you feel a bit trapped.


  • Being able to set foot in a crowded gym and not immediately doubting whether or not this is a good idea (trust me, I’ve been there. I know how that feels).
  • Feeling like you actually belong in a gym, like you’re not an outsider, like you have just as much right to be there as everyone else.
  • Walking into a gym without feeling self conscious. Imagine feeling light when you work out, without any nerves, uncertainty or anxiety.
  • Going to the gym holding your head high and knowing exactly what exercises to do, how to do them, and how many reps. What muscles they work and how each exercise is meant to feel.
  • Having a plan so you don’t nervously meander around figuring out what to do first.
  • Being so good at making terrible puns you start to ruin friendships (optional).

It might not feel like it now, but all of this is possible. I know because I’ve helped a metric shit ton of clients achieve this, who started exactly where you are now.

Even if you’ve never felt like a gym person we can get you feeling mentally prepared to get back in shape and live a long healthy life just like my clients have already done.

Here‘s what you get:

  • You’ll get top notch customized workout programs specific to your goals, schedule, experience, personality, and injury history.
  • You get lifetime access to my extensive exercise video library containing over 100 exercises and constantly expanding, where you can see exactly how to perform the exercises in your workout.
  • Daily text correspondence (customized coaching tutorials) to keep you accountable, give you support, listen to your situation and help strategise a plan specific to your life to maximize results for long haul and most importantly to give you feedback and make sure you’re doing the exercises safely and effectively.

So here’s what this looks like.

Every month I write you a new workout program designed specifically for you. Your workout program caters to your needs, goals, and level. Not to mention adapted to what equipment you have available (whether you go to a gym, prefer working out at home, etc.) and schedule. You get every detail you need to know about your workouts (sets, reps, exercise key points, etc.). And if you have no idea what sets and reps means, no worries! You will soon enough.

When you sign up for coaching you get access to my exercise library which contains videos showing you how to do every exercise in your workout. That way you have a crystal clear idea of how to perform your exercises.

The clients who make the most progress film a set or 2 of their main exercises and send me the footage for feedback, but this is optional. Not everyone feels comfortable setting up their phone camera in the gym and filming themselves, so this part is simply an effective option if you want to utilize it. It’s the easiest way to make sure you form is on point, but I’ve had plenty of clients who opted out of this bit initially. And once they felt more comfortable in the gym they started.

This is simply the most direct way to really making sure your workouts are safe and effective -- to really get your technique dialed in,. Once a week I’ll give you 1-3 feedback points over text to focus on to improve your technique. Because bombarding you with a million things your supposed to think about all the while sweaty and out of breath isn’t a good way to get you good at lifting. So we keep it short and to the point so you feel confident with your form as soon as possible. It’s how I’ve gotten tons of people who had never lifted a weight in their life to doing squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. like a champ, and I know it will work for you too.

And then we go from there. Every week we reassess your form and you get better and better. Each week you notice you’re getting stronger, your joints feel better, you’re more flexible, and daily life is easier.

Now when it comes getting fit, consistency is everything. Basically, the most important exercise is the act of getting to the gym. Nothing else matters if you don’t show up.

An “imperfect” workout done 3 times a week for a year is more effective than the “perfect” workout done for 2 weeks.

So how do you make showing up an automatic part of your routine? How do you not skip workouts?

To build fitness as a habit, you’ll get daily text check-ins to help you stay accountable, and give you the support you need to build a workout routine that doesn’t feel like a chore.

And don’t worry, these check-ins won’t be me breathing down your neck making you feel shitty about missing a workout when you had to stay at work until 10pm. Instead I’m there to help you come up with strategies to navigate your own unique situation, to give you support and have your back when you need help.

It’s more like, “Ok, you had to stay late for work, I don’t blame you for not going to gym after that. Let’s figure out a solid backup plan for next time this happens.”

So not only will you workout confidently, safely, and effectively, but exercise will become something you actually look forward to. And that, my friend, is the secret sauce right there. When you start to crave going to the gym, it’s just a matter of having a solid workout plan and good exercise technique. And you will get there, just click the button below to get started and completely transform your body and your relationship with exercise.

Online coaching allows me to offer you a service I couldn’t in person. I can provide a more comprehensive service for you. I can help you get much better results, at a significantly lower price because technology is such a powerful tool.

You get effective workouts, quality coaching to ensure your form is on point, and daily accountability to keep you motivated to get all your workouts in.

Your fitness isn’t dependent on your location, schedule, or gym policies. This makes it so much easier to give you exactly what you need to build a healthy relationship with your body and exercise.

Oh yeah, and you don’t have to workout at some ungodly time because the time spot you want is taken by some jerk who’s not you.

You stop falling off the wagon and gaining weight every time things get busy. You start sticking to a plan. You start getting results that last for-ev-er.

Best part is, it ends up feeling way easier than it ever has before. It doesn’t feel the way working out has felt in the past. The gym doesn’t feel daunting anymore, and working out gets easier and easier.

Ready to change the way you look at fitness and the gym? Click the button below to get started.

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