Stop making fat loss harder than it has to be with 1 simple diet trick

Fat Loss is hard. Objectively. But, lots of people make it unnecessarily hard.

You don’t get extra points for making things more difficult than they have to be.

There’s a fine line between lazy and efficient.

And for fat loss, we want to skirt the fuck out of that line.

Because the easier it is, the more successful you are -- the more fat you lose, the leaner you get, and the more confident you feel in your favorite dress.

Fitness follows something called the Law of Diminishing Returns. A quick Google search defines this as:

“The principle that a continual increase in effort or investment does not lead to a continual increase in output or results.”

At a certain point, the time and energy you put in isn’t worth the result you get from it.

This is why my online clients and I aim for what is called the minimum effective dose i.e. what will give them the best results with the least amount of time and effort.

Today I’m going to show you how my online clients minimize their efforts and maximize their results.

The first step is changing the way you think about fat loss with 1 simple mindset shift. Ready? Here it is:

It’s OK to enjoy food.

Say it out loud 3 times.

“It’s OK to enjoy food. It’s OK to enjoy food. It’s OK to enjoy food.”

It doesn’t make you a bad person. Food may be fuel and keep us alive, but there’s much more to it. Food is cultural, food is a social activity, and food has taste!

Misery isn’t a precondition for progress. You don’t need to be a martyr, unhappily gnawing your steamed broccoli and boiled chicken until the end of time. You can lose weight AND enjoy food.

I’m going to show you how in a minute.

The success of a diet isn’t determined by its strictness. Mathematically, it’s unnecessary to cut out ANY food entirely, forever.

If, at present, your relationship with a food is such that it takes a ton of effort to moderate certain foods -- if you actually find it less effort to cut it out for now -- then go for it. I have a few foods I only buy when I’m OK with eating the whole damn carton. So yeah, ice cream cookies etc.

But know that your relationship with that food won’t always be the way it is. The qualifier “for now” is important.

  • I’m cutting out french fries FOR NOW.
  • I’m not good at moderating certain foods FOR NOW.
  • I feel X about Y FOR NOW

You see? Your beliefs and feelings about things change. You don’t feel the same way about the world you did 5 years ago.

Now you’re ready to take action

All you need for now is a pen and paper.

Make a list of all of the vegetables and proteins you like. If you only like them when they’re prepared a certain way, write that shhh down!

I think steamed cauliflower tastes like hickory smoked horse butthole, but in a curry cauliflower tastes amazing!

So write out your favorite healthy foods. Do it. DO IT! C’MON! DO IT NOW!

Got your list ready? Ok rad. You now have a grocery shopping list. Boom!

Basically, eat more of those healthy foods. And don’t bother with foods you don’t like.

Indulge Like a Badass

It’s actually really helpful to mindfully indulge once or twice a week for 2 reasons:

  1. By indulging mindfully, you stifle cravings and don’t feel tempted to binge. This makes it easier to follow your nutrition plan long enough to get results.
  2. Why the hell wouldn’t you want to be able to enjoy junk food guilt free without it affecting your fat loss?!

It’s not going to happen over-night, but you can start enjoying indulgent food MORE when you eat it less. When you eat lots of junk often you probably don’t feel great about it.

You may feel guilty because you know it doesn’t support your goals. You may even eat it quickly. Because if no one sees you eat it, or if you forget, it doesn’t count right?

What’s the point of eating something for enjoyment if you’re not actually going to enjoy it?

Here’s the truth you already know: it always counts. You can’t fool your biology, only your psychology.

So, you’re going to get great results, lean out, build muscle, and enjoy food more. Sweet deal, right?

Yes, I know these sound like conflicting interests. I assure you they aren’t.

There’s a huge difference in eating your favorite chocolate bar and really savoring it because you know it’s the only one you’ll have for the week vs. inhaling some crisps out of stress, not paying attention to how they taste.

Just like you made a list of your favorite healthy, fat loss friendly foods, make a list of your 5 favorite indulgences OF ALL TIME.

These are foods that would make you hate everything were they not in your life in some capacity.

Every time you want to eat something indulgent, pick something from that list. Don’t waste your 2 or 3 portions of indulgences for the week on something you won’t enjoy that much.

Especially if you do a lot of compulsive eating now, whether it’s from stress, boredom, distraction, or alcohol, this is going to take practice, and that’s OK. Simply noticing times when you eat compulsively is a massive stride, because that’s the first step.

If you get to the point where you eat just 1 or 2 treats a week and enjoy the living hell out them, you’re a mindfulness ninja. Much like becoming a literal ninja, this comes with lots of practice. So don’t get frustrated if you don’t have a black belt in mindfulness after 3 days ;)

To recap:
  1. Pick healthy foods you like. Eat dat.
  2. Pick your absolute favorite unhealthy foods. When you eat unhealthy, eat those things and ENJOY them.
  3. Love your new body and your new lifestyle.

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Posted on Mar 15, 2017