Make it a priority. Doesn't have to be a big one.

There’s more to life than being lean.

And let’s face it. I bet you have a lot going on. Between work, family, relationships, and trying to have some semblance of a social life, you probably feel like there’s no room for anything else.

How are you supposed to lose those 40 lbs that snuck up on you over the last 10 years when it feels like you’re barely able to stay on top of things as it is?

Fortunately, it doesn’t require as big of a commitment as you may have been lead to believe. That said, if you’re to get back to a weight and fitness level you’re happy with, it does require some level of long term commitment.

It requires you consistently make it a priority, regardless of circumstances.

This doesn’t mean it needs to be your top priority. Far from it. Just that you need to make a point of working on it no matter what.

Because otherwise it plays out like this:

Say you’re starting to get in the habit of going to the gym. You’re doing pretty well. You’ve managed to hit the gym a few weeks in a row. You’re feeling good about it.

But then some major changes at work require more time and attention than usual. If prioritizing fitness depends on favorable circumstances, you’ll revert back to your old routines when life throws you this curveball.

Consequently, you quit your newly budding gym routine before it’s had a chance to take root.

The more times this kind of thing happens the more frustrating and demoralizing it gets.

Consequently, fitness seems more and more unreachable.

Again, you don’t have to live and breathe fitness to be confident and happy with your body.

However, if you let your priorities change every time life happens, your weight and your habits will yoyo.

Because life will always happen.

That’s just how it works. Shit happens. And when it does, new habits are the first to get left by the wayside. Then, when things calm down again, you feel like you’re starting from square one because you have to rebuild those habits you worked so hard at before. It gets frustrating.

During these times, it might feel like time and energy are the main barriers. And they definitely are obstacles to be reckoned with. But really, this is a matter of maintaining your focus and priorities in the midst of destabilizing events.

Because you don’t need to go to the gym for an hour, a half hour, or even fifteen minutes.

You just have to commit to doing something regardless of what happens or how you’re feeling. It can be something small. In fact, it should be something small. Because it's more effective to commit to something small that you're 100% sure you'll follow through on.

I've noticed when helping my online clients navigate these kinds of situations, they're often hesitant to commit to something they think seems too easy. Especially if they've done much more in the past.

And I get it. It may feel like it's admitting defeat or taking a step backwards, but it's not. It's simply what's necessary to keep taking action amidst challenging circumstances. Plus, something that used to seem easy provides more of a challenge if life is being difficult.

I always assure my clients they can do more if they want to, but it's better to commit to something realistic and absolutely crush it than get overzealous and fall short.

Furthermore, don't try and wing it. Because when you say, “I’ll go workout later if I feel like it,” that almost always means, “I’m not going to go, but I don’t want to admit it”.

Relying on when you feel like it means it won’t happen. Because within that statement you’re already admitting it’s not a priority. If it doesn’t happen, oh well.

The point is, this stuff won’t just fall into place on its own.

You’ll need to stay intentional, focused, and committed to making this a new priority in your life.

It doesn’t need to be the number 1 priority. But it needs to be enough of a priority to keep you consistently making the time to work on it.

This could mean doing a 10 second plank before bed or making an effort to drink more water. This is a mental shift more than anything else. Because everybody has 10s. Therefore, time isn’t really the main problem here.

If you can stay focused during difficult times you won’t feel stuck or like you don’t have control over your body. Because you’ll be consistent, your actions won’t yoyo and neither will your weight.

Life is, in fact, about more than fitness, your waist size, or your body fat percentage. But if you want fitness to serve as a complement to your life, as something that enhances your experiences and gives you more energy, you’ll have to carve out a space for it.

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Posted on May 15, 2019