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  • The most important factor for muscle tone

    Posted in Uncategorized, Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jul 01, 2016

    In this post, I'm going to do my damnedest to try and convince you that strength training is what you need to have the best physique of your life, and that it won't make you bulky (unless you want it to).

    I have a strong bias towards lifting because I've seen how it changes my client's lives. I've helped tons of people feel sexier and more confident, using strength training to shape their body. Not bragging, just explaining my reasoning.

    The majority of my clients have zero strength training experience prior to working with me. They’ve worked out extensively but are frustrated because nothin...

  • Lessons from literature volume 1: Dune

    Posted in Uncategorized, Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 27, 2016

    I’m writing this on Father’s Day. My Dad passed away when I was 16. He had a rare blood condition that you’ve probably never heard of.

    You could say my dad died in the hippest way possible. It’s Ok, you can laugh. If you can't laugh at our own inevitable demise, what's the point?

    Besides, being able to find humor in any situation is something I think(?) I picked up from him.

    Dune was one of my Dad’s favorite books. However, I only read it for the first time last year. It was easily one of the best works of fiction I read in 2016, and probably ever.

    While there is much that could be said abo...

  • 5 things you shouldn't do with your foam roller

    Posted in Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 24, 2016

    People love foam rollers. It’s like getting a cheap, DIY massage. What's not to like?

    That said, there are some common uses for the foam roller that aren't wise.

    Number 1: Eat it

    The flavor is bland and the texture gamey.

    Pretty unpleasant really. The only way it’s bearable is by adding copious amounts of salt and Sriracha.

    Foam rollers aren’t GMO free i.e. they can’t be good for you. I think foam rollers are made with gluten too because gluten is sticky.

    The gluten acts as an adhesive to keep the little chunks of foam from falling apart like my hopes and dreams.

    Number 2: Build a house with...

  • Getting fit on a budget: 5 affordable and accessible fat loss strategies

    Posted in Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 20, 2016

    This post was inspired by another post. Postception.

    I received a super positive response from simply sharing this post:

    Given how many people that message resonated with, I wanted to give you some tips for making small, free changes to make a big impact on your health and your life.

    How do you get fit when money's tight?

    You don’t need to drink kale smoothies, or go GMO free, or organic or whatever. Eating healthy doesn’t actually need to cost a lot monetarily. Beans, lentils, rice, vegetables, and fruit can be relatively cheap if you buy them from that market on the corner.

    Being broke is...

  • The best, cheapest way to prevent calluses from lifting weights

    Posted in Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 17, 2016

    Oddly enough, most people don't want their hands to look and feel like the surface of the moon.

    Concern about calluses is something I run into quite regularly.

    My clients see my hands and are like, “Ok I get that I need to lift heavy stuff so my shoulders look better in my favorite backless dress, but dude, I don’t want my hands to look like THAT! Your hands look awful.”

    Ok maybe they aren’t quite such a-holes about it; my clients usually aren't so callous.

    Since 9 out of 10 out of my clients ask me how to prevent having the hands of an industrial revolution era seamstress, it seemed fitting...

  • Why your life will be better from lifting heavy things, and how to get started

    Posted in Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 16, 2016

    “When am I ever going to need to lift this weight this heavy?!”, is something I often hear from clients. It’s a valid question.

    200lbs is scary the first time around. And if you're not exactly clicking your heels on your way to the gym, it might seem pointless and unnecessary.

    So what’s the point? What's the point of putting up with all of the fear, uncertainty, and discomfort of lifting heavy things?

    Because life is a strength sport.

    While you might not need to lift 200lbs everyday, you'll use the ability to lift 200lbs every single day.

    Strength makes daily tasks easier -- whether it's car...

  • The secret to staying young lies in strength training

    Posted in Uncategorized, Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 08, 2016

    When you retire you’ll have so much time to travel, explore, and do fun, adventurous things. It would be a tragedy if your body prevented you from making the most of that time!

    I used to think the ravages of time would eventually condemn me to a life where I couldn’t take care of myself, and where the most exciting thing in my life was "Meatloaf Mondays" at the retirement home. But this isn't true.

    Old age is a choice.

    Your habits determine what old age looks like for you. Of course genetics play a role in this, as they do in anything related to health. That doesn't mean you can't increase yo...

  • Why fruit is fat loss's friend

    Posted in Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 03, 2016

    The more foods you make “off-limits” the harder a diet is to sustain for more than 2 weeks.

    I put “off-limits” in quotes because no one makes foods off limits except yourself. It’s important to realize the power you have here.

    There’s been lots of talk about Olivia Munn’s diet for X-Men: Apocalypse, which two of my favorite fitness writers, Georgie Fear and Josh Hillis, wrote awesome articles on that you should totally read.

    I see a big positive to the publicity garnered by this intense (and unrealistic) diet. I hope we start to remember that fruit is healthy.

    Getting 80% of your calories fr...

  • Succeed without knowing what you're doing

    Posted in Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on Jun 01, 2016

    Talking to people hasn’t always been easy for me. Hell, it still isn't easy!

    I used to be extremely shy and withdrawn. I simply never knew what to say to people I didn’t know well, especially girls. Truth be told, I still feel like a shy guy at my core.

    When I tell people how shy I used to be, they’re usually surprised. I guess I’ve become skilled at disguising the intense anxiety I feel in certain social situations. Yaaaaaay!


    Around age 17, I decided I was fed up being the shy teenager who hadn’t ever had a girlfriend or even a first kiss! My shitty social skills were a huge barrier to a be...

  • How to lose weight "on accident"

    Posted in Fat Loss, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition on May 26, 2016

    I want to share a story with you about a client of mine, let’s call her Leia. Leia is a badass.

    The first time Leia and I spoke she told me she wanted to get leaner. She wanted to lose fat and have more definition. She wanted a flat stomach. Fair enough.

    Right out of the gate Leia was killing it. I don’t think she missed a single workout outside of being sick once.

    The first habit she practiced (other than coming to the gym) was drinking more water. Why? That’s what she wanted to work on. Plus, water is awesome.

    She didn’t like the taste of plain water, so she added some zero calorie flav...

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