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  • The best way to deal with stress no one told you about

    Posted on Oct 09, 2019

    I’ve been dealt a hand with a lot of brutal commutes for some reason. The worst instance of this was probably when I lived in Guiyang, China (pictured below).

    I’d be literally shoved into a bus well beyond capacity for a minimum hour and a half each way. There was no room to breathe -- especially as people refused to open the windows even when it was nauseatingly stuffy. People would have to fight and barrel their way through the mass of people so they didn’t miss their stop. It was basically like being in a mosh pit on wheels full of hyper aggressive old women for 3 hours a day.

    As you can i...

  • Why do you have unhealthy habits?

    Posted on Oct 02, 2019

    Every bad habit you have right now served a purpose at some point.

    That habit formed to try and solve some problem of yours. Maybe that habit was a coping mechanism. Maybe the problem it solved no longer exists, but the habit still persists. And sure, maybe that habit ended up creating more problems than it solved. But it’s important to recognize that all of your behaviors served some function at some point.

    Because I’ve noticed people are really hard on themselves about their bad habits. If you’ve ever slipped up on a diet and felt like a complete failure, you know what I’m talking about. In ...

  • Why we only use calorie counting as a last resort

    Posted on Sep 25, 2019

    I can be pretty lazy. Or efficient. Depends on your perspective I guess. I just don’t see the point in making things any harder than they have to be.

    So when it comes to helping my online clients improve their nutrition habits, we tend to use calorie counting as a last resort.

    Here’s why.

    If you focus on improving the quality of your foods, you’ll probably start losing weight and feeling healthier without having to implement the royal pain in the ass that is calorie counting.

    Whole foods like fruits, veggies, fish, meat etc. have high fullness to calorie ratios. Meaning you can eat to fullness...

  • How to escape the comparison trap for better results

    Posted on Sep 15, 2019

    Some people get lucky when it comes to their weight.

    Yes, genetics do play some role in this. For instance, if you’re tall and narrowly built putting on weight, muscle or fat, won’t be that noticeable (raises hand).

    But I think the more important thing here is your environment and life experiences leading up to this point. Some people just catch lucky breaks in the life department that end up making it easier to stay lean.

    For example, some people grew up with easy access to healthy foods and their parents fostered a healthy relationship with food. Some people found they were naturally good at...

  • How to get your nutrition under control

    Posted on Jul 25, 2019

    Do you ever feel like you have zero control over what you eat? Like no matter how hard you try, or what you do, that you just don’t have the discipline to eat better?

    You’re not alone.

    Changing your nutrition habits is hard. Like, reeeeeeallly hard.

    It’s not really something you can muscle your way through. Well, you can in some cases. But more often than not, this isn’t the best approach. And if you’ve tried to willpower your way to healthier nutrition habits in the past only to run face first into a wall and rebound back to square one, then I’d say this sort of strategy doesn’t work for you....

  • Exercise is not punishment. How to be logical about fitness

    Posted on Jul 17, 2019

    Math is supposed to be cold, objective, and emotionless. But when it comes to food and calories math gets mutated into some weird moral crusade.

    High calorie foods are “bad”. And if you eat too many calories you feel like you need to redeem yourself of your dietary sins by working out more.

    While, on the surface, this seems like the logical thing to do, it’s not. At first glance, it makes sense. If you eat 500 calories extra, then you can work off those 500 calories through exercise. Problem solved!

    Now, there’s a few issues with this. First off, it’s way easier and quicker to eat 500 calories...

  • 4 reasons your fat loss has stalled

    Posted on Jul 10, 2019

    It’s suuuuuper frustrating and discouraging when you feel like you’re doing everything right, yet it seems like nothing is working. I get it.

    Now, I obviously don’t know what specifically is holding you back. But I do know that there are some kinda sneaky things that commonly sabotage people’s nutrition.

    1. Food logging

    First one is inaccurate, or lack of, food tracking. Basically humans are really bad at recording things. Like, reeeeeeaaallly bad. Studies have shown that people underestimate how many calories they eat by about 50%.

    50%! That’s huge!

    So first thing to do if you really don’t kn...

  • How to lose weight when life doesn't want you to

    Posted on Jul 03, 2019

    As a culture, we talk about weight loss CONSTANTLY, yet people aren’t losing weight and keeping it off.


    Simply put, modern lifestyles are conducive to weight gain.

    We’re more sedentary. Calorie dense foods are cheaper and more convenient. Stress is high. We’re working more hours. That’s just to name a few factors that contribute to what’s called an obesogenic environment -- an environment that promotes obesity.

    In general, your environment has a massive influence on your habits, behaviors, and actions. Basically, when you’re trying to lose weight, you’re like a salmon swimming upstream. ...

  • 8 things you need to know before you start lifting

    Posted on Jun 26, 2019

    Getting into lifting can be daunting.

    The gym isn’t exactly a welcoming place for newbies. However, going in with some perspective can make delving into this new territory a bit more accessible. So I’m going to give you 8 things I wish I knew before I started lifting. My hope is to make your life a bit easier and to help you be mentally ready for the gym.

    1. While people’s gym etiquette is generally pretty awful, people are usually nice if you talk to them.

    Ok, the gym is a shitshow.

    I myself get frustrated when people don’t put their equipment away and/or are generally inconsiderate of other ...

  • Why you need to understand calories for fat loss

    Posted on Jun 19, 2019

    Long ago, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier put a guinea pig in a freezer.

    Ok, it was 1780 so it was less of a freezer and more of a ice box called an ice calorimeter. Still, not exactly hospitable to the guinea pig.

    He wanted to measure how much ice would melt as a result of the guinea pig's body heat.

    He thought there to be a link between the food we eat and the heat we give off, laying the groundwork for much of our understanding of metabolism.

    You see, heat is a form of energy.

    The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. This super impor...

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